New Legacy Giving Course:

Level-Up With Legacy Giving A step-by-step system to gain clarity, confidence and building blocks to get legacy gifts, now!

What little mistake is causing you millions?

What is it that you can do to take your nonprofit (and your career) to the NEXT level, actualize your vision, and make a huge impact in the world -- WITHOUT the fear of failure, judgment or rejection?

Many organizations today prefer to spend their time, resources and energy on the present, and ignore the future -- leading them to lost revenue, missed opportunities and turbulent times.

So, what should you do instead?

Make a commitment to your organization's future by finding out why legacy giving is essential, how to acquire legacy gifts, and develop an unshakable confidence to excel at legacy asks (and bring in lots of gifts!)

Introducing Level-Up With Legacy Giving, an 8-week course designed for a group of motivated people to jumpstart their legacy giving program and get results immediately. Guaranteed.


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Here's what I'll be teaching...

The course will be taught using an online course, group coaching, worksheets and exercises. The 8-week program follows this outline.


Introduction to Legacy Giving

Before you get started with your legacy program you need to gain crystal clarity around what legacy giving is and how it can help your organization THRIVE. This module is all about educating you with the fundamentals of legacy giving and helping you develop a growth mindset. We'll dive deeper into what's been stopping you from realizing your full potential and how you can stop those self-limiting beliefs dead in their tracks.


Crafting a compelling case statement  

A case statement can make or break your entire legacy program. But you can't create a strong case statement unless you're familiar with the dynamics of legacy messaging. In this module you will learn what legacy messaging looks like, develop your own legacy message and create a persuasive legacy case statement that you can put to work.


Marketing Your Legacy Campaign  

Just creating a legacy program isn't enough - it's just the first step. You need to get in front of the right donors with the right message. In this module we go through how to segment your donor list and market your legacy message to see results.


The Art of Asking: Building In-Person Connections 

This module will help you learn the art of asking for a legacy gift. You will learn how to start a legacy conversation and how to handle your donors' responses.


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